Blogging Dragonball Super: Episode 2

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone (all 5 of you) who read my first post. It’s much appreciated. I hope you’re having fun reading these, because I’m having an absolute blast blogging DBS.

Alright! Let’s take a look at the second episode!

This episodes reintroduces the characters we didn’t get to see in episode 1. It starts with Goku visiting King Kai to train. King Kai is annoyed by Goku’s arrival because, y’know, Goku once transported a genetically engineered nuclear bomb to King Kai’s planet.
I can see how that can cause a strain in a friendship.

This episode, however, focuses mainly on Vegeta, his family and their post-Majin-Buu lives. We see Bulma steering a helicopter, taking her family on a holiday. When Trunks asks Bulma why she never learned to fly, Bulma replies that she’s human. I’m not sure whether this logic FLIES (…why aren’t you laughing?). I mean, Videl, Yamcha, Krillin and Tien can all fly. And even though Krillin is a strangely noseless creature and Tien has the personality of wet paper, they’re still human.

Vegeta, the best character in the history of anime, possibly, ever, is also reintroduced, majestically standing on the roof of the helicopter. Since Vegeta’s idea of training is blowing up asteroids and eating his way through metal from a gravity chamber that just collapsed on top of him, he rightfully remarks that “this isn’t close to training.” Bulma, who’s inside the helicopter, can hear this with the power of Gogic and challenges Vegeta by speeding up the helicopter, making it flip in mid-air and doing some other crazy stuff. In the real world, this would be the beginning of a particularly dumb episode of Air Crash Investigation, but in DBS, it’s actually a really fun scene. It’s nice to see the two goofing around like a couple instead of acting like asexual frenemies one squabble away from a murder-suicide.

When the Briefs arrive at their holiday destination, they embark on a little shopping trip, though Vegeta is having none of it. As Trunks is trying on some clothes, Vegeta admits to Bulma that he’s only tagging along because he made a promise to Trunks fifteen years ago. Bulma calls him “a big softie” which Vegeta, predictably, denies angrily. I’m guessing Bulma didn’t read her Cosmo that month because it’s never a good idea to call a guy, human or alien, a big softie. I’ve had an ex-boyfriend break up with me because of that (it didn’t help that he was naked, and I pointed).

The Prince is hungry after a long day of being an adequate dad, so the family decides to grab some dinner. When a giant octopus is served, Vegeta declares a jihad on all octopuses when he yells, “I’ll eat your whole race!”
Well, you know what they say. Genocidal habits die hard.

Oh, and there’s also a party on a boat, and Vegeta—are you sitting down—hates it. You know, I can relate to that. But while I spend most parties looking for stuff to wipe my sweaty hands on and nervously avoiding eye-contact with kids, Vegeta isn’t that kind of social cripple with party-angst and self-esteem issues. Quite the opposite. The Prince is thinking that every party guest should be licking his boots since he saved the world from Majin Buu. Instead of blowing up the boat, Veggie takes the high road and flies away in a rage, leaving his wife and kid behind. To sum up, Vegeta is angry, Bulma is understanding, Trunks is purple, and we’ve all seen this before.

There’s also a part with Whis and Beerus, and it’s absolutely glorious. The ever- polite Whis is seen trying to convince a four-eyed alien overlord (let’s call it Stacey) to turn over its dinner. In return, Whis promises to not destroy the whole world. Seems like fair trade to me. Of course, Stacey is being a little bitch about it and —are you still sitting down?—transforms into a bigger, meaner and uglier form! Gasp. Whis, however, didn’t see this coming and concludes that his research on Stacey was “awfully incomplete.” Really, Whis? Didn’t you watch those DBZ DVD boxes I sent you for Christmas? 😦

Beerus then decides to intervene, demonstrating his superior strength as he fights Stacey with a single finger. As he gives Stacey an ass-whooping, Beerus tells Whis that he’s had a prophetic dream about a mysterious, nameless, all-powerful warrior. Oh my, who could it be?! (spoiler alert: it ain’t Chiaotzu).  Whis is skeptical, replying “You once dreamt that a galactic popstar was moving into our solar system.” Whis, gurl. You sassy.

I’m can’t quite remember what happened after that. Beerus got bored, Whis was being fabulous, and the scene ended with Beerus blowing up the planet. R.I.P. Stacey. We hardly knew thee. Meanwhile, the Kais, who are having a literal tea party, sense that Lord Beerus has awoken.

We then briefly return to Vegeta training in his gravity chamber, internally ranting about how he won’t be second best. It’s a pretty forgettable speech, as it’s just Vegeta being Vegeta (though Christopher Sabat’s voice work remains excellent and entertaining). And while Isaac Newton had to sit on an apple for years in order to conceive his theory of gravity (or something like that), Vegeta simply measures gravity with a calculator.

The episode ends with Beerus and Whis watching Stacey’s planet explode. Beerus tells Whis that “there’s nothing more beautiful than a shattering planet,”  which is exactly what I’m going to say when our world goes down in flames (I imagine myself putting on sunglasses in slow-motion as it happens, while Fall Out Boy’s ‘Light Em Up’ plays in the background). Then Beerus suddenly remembers the name of the mysterious warrior. It’s a Super … Saiyan … (drumroll) GOD!


Whis and Beerus are, at this point, the best part of DBS. They’re quirky, charming, absurd and casually menacing and that’s a lot of fun to watch. However, I’m not digging how DBS is portraying Vegeta. Vegeta’s redemption arc was one of DBZ’s most compelling storylines, yet his growth doesn’t continue in DBS. He’s angry. He’s conceited. He’s rude. He’s got a hot wife. He’s Kanye West, but with goofier hair. I hope DBS will give him more substance in later episodes.


(Beerus’s prediction comes true. A galactic popstar movies into his solar system)

NICKI MINAJ: Starships were meant to flyyyyyyyy…
(blows up solar system)


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